Surf Kayaking

Paddler Development – Surf Kayaking

If you’ve got to a level of abilty where you feel very comfortable paddling on flat water and aren’t too worried by moving water, then you might like the idea of Surf Kayaking. You can do this in the general purpose boats that the club uses for it’s training sessions, but as you improve you may want to specialise further and try a purpose built surf kayak.


Felixstowe Ferry is a good place to try your first surf, as it’s rarely bigger than a foot high. Ask an instructor about our Felixstowe evening sessions, which are restricted to paddlers that we feel are ready for this type of water. You’ll learn how to paddle on choppy water, how to steer on surf using the strokes you learnt in your improver course, and you’ll probably learn how to swim (or walk) ashore after capsizing. All good practise!


We occasionally drive up to Cromer for a session, where the waves can get much larger than Felixstowe, so you’ll need to have proved yourself for this trip.

Wales or Cornwall

The club currently runs one or two trips each year to the West coast, where there is usually some of the best surf available in the UK, with the added bonus that the water is clear and relatively warm.
We try to cater for relative surf beginners, so you don’t necessarily need to be able to roll, but you must be ok with swimming ashore when you capsize (under supervision, of course). On these trips, we usually offer 3 star surf training and generally give you help with the various surfing strokes.

Note – Surf can be quite intimidating if you’re not a confident paddler, so you’ll want to make sure you can handle Felixstowe Ferry before travelling across the country to surf. Talk to the trip organiser if you’re not sure.