Sea Kayaking

Paddler Development – Sea Kayaking

Ok, so you have your 1 star, you’ve done an improver course or maybe a rescue session and a few flatwater trips, and you feel you have a reasonable grasp of what’s involved in doing a long-ish paddling trip.

Here in Ipswich, we’re right on the doorstep of several tidal estuaries which are fantastic to explore in a longer kayak, and ideally a sea kayak. We’d recommend you borrow a club sea kayak and book yourself on one of the club’s easier estuary trips to begin with. The estuaries can be dangerous places, so we think it’s essential to go with one of our qualified leaders/coaches before you think about planning trips of your own.

Once you’ve done a couple of estuaries, and feel comfortable on gentle tidal water, you can progress to some of the faster flows and swells of the local coastline, and eventually venture onto the even faster ‘tidal races’ such as those at Felixstowe Ferry Bar.

The club occasionally offers specialised sea kayak sessions aiming to teach you the skills needed for your 3 star Sea Kayak award, or just to help you control a sea kayak more confidently and efficiently.

Having learnt the basics here in Suffolk/ Essex, the club can offer sea kayaking trips anywhere around the UK coastline, where you’ll be able to explore caves, go rock-hopping, see lots of different wildlife and generally have a great time in clear blue waters.

Our advice……Get out there and have a go!