Coaching With ICC

Coaching With ICC

Coaching Aspirations?

If you’d like to start helping with coaching and/or want to start on the formal coaching awards then please let us know and we can guide you through what is needed. Remember, you don’t need to be a ‘brilliant’ paddler to begin with. Your paddling will improve as you develop your coaching skills, so it’s a win/win situation.
If you are already a coach and want to develop your coaching skills, either to gain a higher award, or just to broaden or update your coaching experience, then contact our coaching officer (or any senior club coach) and we can discuss options for you or point you towards the people who can help.

ICC Club Coach Benefits

As a registered and active Club Coach you obviously put a lot into our Club. To thank you, we like to offer the following benefits:-

  • Free loan of club boats and equipment (but you still need to book);
  • Free pool sessions if you’re ‘officially’ coaching during the evening;
  • Free attendance on club training courses;
  • Club subsidies towards approved external coaching and leadership courses;
  • A really good feeling to see people in your group enjoying themselves and improving their skills.

ICC Coach Funding Subsidy

The Club is able to subsidise coaching and leadership qualification courses for registered Club coaches and for members who wish to become coaches and continue to work within the Club. See our Coach Training Funding Policy for details.
To allocate funds fairly we need to understand expected demand for the year so can you please let us know at the start of each year any courses you might do and expected cost.
If you decide later in the year to do a course that’s not been requested, still apply for a subsidy but please be aware this may be reduced or not available depending on demand.