Becoming a Leader

Paddler Development – Leader

BCU 4 Star Leader

If you’ve worked hard at your personal skills in your chosen discipline and achieved the 3 star award, along with a good amount of paddling experience, you might like to consider the next stage which is the BCU 4 Star Leader qualification.

This is not a coaching award, but it allows you to lead a limited number of your peers (other competent paddlers) on club trips, e.g. Whitewater (Grade 2 water), Sea Kayaking (moderate sea conditions), or Surf Kayaking (on moderate surf) .

The club can give you the knowledge and experience you’ll need, and we can push you to take your skills to the next level. This award is by no means a pushover, so you will need to take it very seriously. After all, others will be putting their trust in you to lead them safely.

If you’re aiming for this award, you will need to talk to one or two of the senior coaches in the club so they can help you to realise your ambitions. When you/we think you’re ready, we can point you in the direction of a weekend course for your chosen discipline, and following any feedback from the course (and there will most likely be plenty), we can help you with a bit more experience before heading off for your assessment weekend.

BCU 5 Star Leader

By now you should have everything under control, and making the decision to go for this award will be your own……….We can, of course, still give you help wherever possible.