Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I need to be to join the club? To join as an individual member you need to be 11 years old, but there is no age restriction for ‘Family Membership’. For under 11′s we do ask that a competent paddling parent is prepared to be on the water with the child for all activities.

How soon can I come to a session? We try to fit in new starters as soon as we can, but we are a very busy club and can only take a few new starters at a time. If you make an enquiry you will get a response in a few days and then you will be contacted by the membership secretary to arrange the next suitable session where you will get the full attention of a qualified instructor.

Do I need any previous experience? You do not need any previous paddling experience, but it is useful if you are comfortable on (and in) the water, and able to swim with a buoyancy aid. For those who are slightly nervous of getting into a boat, we recommend a swimming pool taster session to begin with.

Do I need my own equipment? You can use club equipment for taster sessions, training courses, general paddling, and trips away. This includes everything except clothing. Swimming gear is ok for the pool or in the summer when it’s warm outside, but for the rest of the year you should ideally have warm paddling gear and wetboots. There are lots of alternatives, so ask an instructor what is best for you. After a year or two, or when you get to a reasonable standard (2 star ability) we would expect members to think about getting their own equipment.

Where do you meet? We meet at a local pool, or at various locations near to Ipswich. We would prefer you to book your first session with our membership secretary who can tell you where to go. This helps us to manage the numbers and avoids the disappointment of being turned away.

When do you meet? We meet on Mondays evenings during the winter season (September to April), and Thursday evenings during the summer season (May to August). We also run trips at weekends.

Do I have to join straight away? For insurance reasons we have to ask all new starters to sign up before paddling with us.

When can I access the Website Member’s Area? When you join the club you will get an introduction pack which gives you a username and password, giving access to the full Programme, Magazine, Gallery, etc.